Multiwinia 1.3

Multiwinia is a caricature-like war video game for Windows
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Multiwinia is a caricature-like war video game for Windows. This is a strategy game in which you are given the control of a small army. You have to complete certain levels to beat the several levels that this game has. The few first missions require you to capture an enemy objective. Now, this isn't the everyday strategy game. Casualties are part of the equation here and you will need to complete the objective before your casualties are too high. For example, capturing an enemy fort in the first few levels will require several waves of Multiwinias (the soldiers). Most positions are heavily guarded with stationary guns, which you have to disable by killing those who man them. The game is fast paced and the action is intense all throughout. The graphics are not meant to replace those of full-scale strategy games. In fact, this look achieves a sense of alienation. You won't regard those soldiers as human, but when you lose them, your chances of succeeding will decrease. One thing I like about this game is that it becomes increasingly harder by the time you get to the last levels. Also, you can challenge friends to play.

José Fernández
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  • The music is dramatic
  • Good battles can be fought
  • Fast-paced and intense


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